Isabel Benenato

Off the beaten path and down the private road, Isabel Benenato is for men and women who prefer fashion’s road less traveled by. Her effortless, out-of- time pieces inspired by an accumulative, layered approach to dressing, incorporate free form and classic silhouettes, contemporary and historic references, assembled in a symbiotic relationship between design and handcraft. This all starts with Lucca, the Tuscan town where Isabel and her husband Filippo Novelli and their close knit group of artisans live and work. Design and construction are inextricably linked in a harmonious process of trial and error where creativity is matched by craftsmanship until pieces feel and look exceptional. Knitwear, leathers and wovens rely on Tuscany’s incomparable techniques which have been passed down in this region from one generation to the next for a lived-in quality. Benenato’s signature shows in the poetic blend of textures, shape and natural arc of colors for both sophisticated urbanites and natural born wanderers.

Isabel Benenato came naturally to design growing up in the creative atmosphere of Naples where her mother and uncle had their own sewing factory. Moving north to Tuscany as a young girl, her design intelligence developed and she pursued her interest in fashion in London before completing a degree in foreign languages at the University of Pisa. Back in Italy, Benenato immersed herself in technique working with a leather factory near Florence developing finishings for a star roster of international clients until she was ready to design and produce her own collection. Working with Filippo Novelli whose family has a long history in knitwear, Benenato has slowly, but surely developed a complete range for men and women.