When Anya Cole was nine years old her mother taught her “if you need it, you make it,” and so at a young age Anya learned the craft of knitting. She used those skills while a professional ballet dancer in Poland, when she would knit for herself the layers of sweaters, scarves, hats, gloves, and – of course – leg warmers she was always swaddled in. Then, as a single mother living in West Germany, she knitted to financially support herself and her young daughter. Years later, living in New York City, Anya knitted because she couldn’t find the pieces that fit her understated, highly personal, aesthetic. This is how HANIA by Anya Cole was born.

Knit entirely by hand in New York City from yarn specially twisted for us by the most renowned and exclusive cashmere mills in Italy and Scotland, HANIA by Anya Cole creates luxurious, timeless designs that epitomize effortless elegance.

As part of the company’s mission to support local artisans, HANIA by Anya Cole employs over one hundred knitters throughout New York City’s five boroughs, enabling them to utilize and enhance the skills they, too, learned as children.