Finest cashmere from Nepal, a mission, and urban style - that’s Warm-Me. Originally launched as a high-end brand for cashmere beanies, Warm-Me has expanded its portfolio continuously. Finest shirts, luxury streetwear, living, and accessories - the international customer list of our brand speaks for itself.

Mindful Luxury: If you think our craftsmanship starts with knitting - think again! Our carefully selected partners in Nepal comb the goats, dye the wool, and process it to pure cashmere - all by hand. The Nepalese knitting tradition runs deep. Some pieces are hand-knitted with needles, but the majority is hand-crafted on traditional wooden looms. The dyeing, printing, and finishing process is also carried out by hand. This means that each Warm-Me product is a true piece of craftsmanship - individual and unique. Since 2011, Warm-Me has been producing its entire collection in Nepal. Experienced knitters inject their love for their craft into every single Warm-Me hat that is sent out into the world.

Seasonless Style: To date, we have sold more than 50,000 beanies around the globe. We are humbled and grateful that so many people love our unique blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern, eye-catching designs. Warm-Me is not merely about keeping you cosy and warm; it’s about making you look and feel good.